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The Importance of Hard Drive Shredding and Destruction – Why Deleting Data Is Not Enough

Everyone now stores data electronically. Businesses can’t function without computers. Even small businesses use computers to store trade information and client details. All bills are processed electronically. Businesses and individuals store sensitive information on their computers for their own use. But this also makes fraudsters privy to this information.

Even at home, individuals use electronic devices to store personal information such as banking details, credit card information etc. With online banking options almost everyone uses their computers to access their personal or business accounts. With the popularity of online retail shopping, people use their computers to buy and sell things online. Every transaction leaves an electronic trail that can be traced back to its source for the purpose of misuse and can be used for identity theft and fraud.

Deleting data is not enough

The hard drive of a computer stores all information. Even after you delete something from files, the information remains in the hard drive. When you store something on the computer it gets stored in more than one place in the hard drive. Mere deleting of data is not enough to ensure that your personal information is safe.

Businesses these days store all information on computers. Sensitive trade information, banking details, and client information is all stored on their computer hard drive. You might replace the computer and to keep information safe you might not dump the machine and the hard drive but keep it secure with you. But in truth, this poses double the risk as now your sensitive information is stored in more places than one. Even if you deleted all data from your old computer before removing its hard drive, the information remains intact there, which data thieves can access.

Destructing hard drive to protect information

You want to replace your computer but what do you do with the old machine? You can’t just dump your computer or even have it lying around at home unused. When you buy a new computer it is very important that you destroy all information stored in the old machine so that it can’t be stolen.

It is not easy to destroy a computer hard drive. Professional shredding companies offer hard drive destruction services, which enables you to keep your data safe from misuse. We use methods of destruction, which makes it impossible for anyone to access data from the destroyed hard drive ever again. Rest assured that ShredGreen, Inc. can completely eliminate any threat of data theft through computer hard drives.

Shred Green

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We Recycle 100% of all shredded paper. In fact, for every ton of shredded paper recycled we save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, 3 yd.³ of landfill, 4000 kW of power, 50,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, and 700 gallons of water.

For more information about understanding disposal requirements for destruction of sensitive paper & hard drive records please contact ShredGreen, Inc. at (813) 975-1100 or fill out the quick quote form below. ShredGreen Mobile Paper Shredding operates on ethical principles and maintains a high level of integrity when quoting prices and performing mobile shredding services. We look forward to helping your business maintain the necessary security and privacy required, following all legal requirements, while using environmentally friendly processes.

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