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Why Should You Hire a Mobile Shredding Company?

Hiring a Mobile Shredding Company

Why Should You Hire a Mobile Shredding Company?

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Hiring a Mobile Shredding CompanyCommercial buildings and residential communities receive a ton of junk mail every day. In fact, the waste generated from some of these offices on a daily basis can shock you, to say the least. That said, it is worth noting that in between the confidential financial info and credit card offers lays a huge risk.

For those in the dark, such info can prove to be quite valuable to thieves in search of an identity – commonly referred to as identity theft. In a nutshell, the disposal of such sensitive documents should be done in a manner that promotes complete destruction. That said, your safest bet lays in a mobile shredding service and below are some valid reasons as to why this is the case.

Why Should You Hire a Mobile Shredding Company?
Saves time – unlike conventional office shredders which are not only slow but also require an employee to conduct the task, mobile shredding trucks are capable of shredding thousands of pounds of documents per hour. This means your staff will spend their time on productive work instead of shredding huge chunks of documents for hours.

No leaks – delegating shredding tasks down the chain of command can be quite risky. For starters, it is safe to say that the boss isn’t always the most popular person around the office and hence an easy target. When using a mobile shredding company, though, you can witness all your documents being destroyed in the open. This significantly reduces the risk of leaking sensitive info through any individual within or outside the office.

Security – by hiring a mobile shredding service, you can be guaranteed of security and for a good reason. For starters, the service ensures that the shredding trucks come to your business and shred documents on site, meaning you will be there all along during the whole process. Once done, the shredded documents are conveyed to locked bins, which significantly reduce liability and risks pegged to identity theft.

In a nutshell, mobile shredding services have proved to be an ideal form of document disposal for commercial and residential buildings.

If you have any questions about our document shredding services, please contact the choice in paper shredding companies, ShredGreen, Inc. at (813) 975-1100, or fill out the paper shredding quick quote form to receive a quote for a shredding service of your choice. We will save you time, money, equipment, space, and personnel. ShredGreen Tampa Paper Shredding Company operates on ethical principles and maintains a high level of integrity when quoting prices and performing mobile paper shredding services. We look forward to helping your business maintain the necessary security and privacy required, following all legal requirements, while using environmentally friendly processes.

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