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Our Tampa area shredding services give both private individuals and businesses added security when disposing of sensitive documents. We tailor our prices and services to meet your needs.

Here is a look at a few of the professionals required by law, or common sense, who use our Tampa area shredding services.

Legal Professionals

Data breaches are on the rise, so protect your sensitive electronic and physical records. We not only shred but cross-shred all physical records. We issue a certificate of destruction when we destroy your sensitive documents.

Health Professionals

Protected Health Information or PHI includes all medical information If you do not destroy documents in a safe and secure manner, your medical office can be fined. Since the maximum fine is $1,500,000, our services are a value you can’t do without.

Financial Professionals

Financial Institution Document Shredding is not just for your own protection, it also protects your clients. You are required to securely destroy documents, so rely on us for all your shredding needs.

Accounting Professionals

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act require you to properly destroy records by pulverizing, shredding or burning and to have a written data security. We take the headache out of secure document shredding.

Retail and Restaurant Establishments

You produce hundreds of thousands of credit and debit cards every year. That is a lot of information data thieves would love to get their hands on. In addition, your own data and plans are in danger of identity thieves, so make sure you shred properly. We can help!

About Shredgreen

For more information, contact ShredGreen via our On-line Contact Form. We’ll send you a customized quote and answers to any questions. Or give us a call at (813) 975-1100. We save you time, money, equipment, space, and personnel. ShredGreen Tampa Paper Shredding Company looks forward to helping your business maintain the necessary security and privacy required.

Recycling Facts ShredGreen Shredding Services

For every ton of paper we recycle, we save 380 gallons of oil (that’s a whopping 9 barrels of oil!). To put that in context, a refinery makes 20 gallons of gas and 11 gallons of diesel fuel out of each barrel of oil.


If you recycle a ton of paper (what an average office worker uses each year), you can save 180 gallons of gas and 99 gallons of diesel fuel each year!


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