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Secure Disposal and the Law

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Shredgreen of Tampa is a local, onsite shredding service that provides secure disposal of documents. We come to you and securely handle all your sensitive documents while we destroy them. Our trucks can make one time, occasional or regular visits to your home or business. We’ll shred documents to the highest standards to keep your business safe. You can offer your clients peace of mind as Shredgreen will safely destroy all their personal data. Plus, you will be protected against thieves stealing your disposable documents.

Secure Disposal of Documents

Shredding documents is the law! You must securely dispose of the records if you collect, store, or use personal information. Documents including the following must be shredded:

  • first name/initial and last name AND and of the following
  • social security number
  • driver’s license, or ID card number
  • passport number
  • military identification number
  • other governmental issued number
  • financial account number, credit or debit card number, and security/access code or password
  • an individual’s medical history, mental or physical condition, or treatment plan or diagnosis
  • health insurance policy number or subscriber identification number and any unique identifier
  • user name or e-mail address, and password or security question/answer that would allow access to an online account

Some documents must be kept on a set schedule. However, after they have expired, you have a choice. You can store them, throw them out, or call a trustworthy shredding company. We certify all your documents are securely destroyed.

What Types of Documents

No matter how you store your documents, you must destroy them properly. Storage methods include paper, audio/video tape, floppy drives, flash drives, and any other method that you can think of. Shredgreen can securely shred all the information, securely and completely. We can even handle hard drives and other forms of computer storage. You might think that erasing a hard drive gets rid of the information, but it doesn’t. A good forensic computer expert can rebuild files. So be safe and have Shredgreen destroy your hard drives before you dispose of your old computers and laptops. Florida state law requires that documents are rendered unreadable or undecipherable. We at Shredgreen comply with all Florida and federal laws.

About Shredgreen

For more information, contact ShredGreen via our On-line Contact Form. We send you a customized quote and answers to any questions. Or give us a call at (813) 975-1100. We save you time, money, equipment, space, and personnel. ShredGreen Tampa Paper Shredding Company operates on ethical principles and maintains a high level of integrity. We look forward to helping your business maintain the necessary security and privacy required. We follow all legal requirements, while using environmentally friendly processes.

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