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One-time Document Purge in Tampa

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Remember when computers were supposed to eliminate paperwork? Didn’t happen. ShredGreen of Tampa understands that you now have boxes and boxes of paperwork that have outlived their mandated archival period. You need a one time document purge.

What Can You Do?

You could continue to pay storage fees or maybe dump it in the regular garbage.  Hopefully, no sensitive data is released. Or you could call the bonded, insured professionals at ShredGreen of Tampa.

One Time Document Purges

ShredGreen comes directly to your home or office to rid you of all that unneeded but sensitive paperwork. Our mobile shredding truck comes at your convenience. Our staff will move our paperwork from your storage place to a secure locking container. Form there, the paper feeds directly into the shredder. You can even look via a video monitor system to see exactly what is happening to your paperwork. Once we have securely destroyed all the data, you’ll receive a Certificate of Documentation. You’ll have peace of mind know that our services were cost-effective, permanent, and secure.

You don’t need to worry about removing rubber bands, staples or other binders, either! In addition, we recycle all shredded paperwork.

A one time document purge can be scheduled for annual, one-time, or occasional shredding needs.


For more information, contact ShredGreen via our On-line Contact Form. We send you a customized quote and answers to any questions. Or give us a call at (813) 975-1100. We save you time, money, equipment, space, and personnel. ShredGreen Tampa Paper Shredding Company operates on ethical principles and maintains a high level of integrity. We look forward to helping your business maintain the necessary security and privacy required. We follow all legal requirements, while using environmentally friendly processes.

Recycling fact…

For every ton of paper we recycle, we save 700 gallons of water. That is the same as 11,217 “short” cups of coffee!

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